Our Property

Through hard work, commitment and God's grace Holy Cross has been blessed with beautiful grounds and a building in which we can gather for worship, celebration and meetings. 

Buildings & Grounds

    Holy Cross uses a commercial cleaning service twice per month to clean our Church.  For the interim weeks we need several teams of 3-4 people to touch up the Church before Sunday services.  The team will dust and clean tables, dust mop the wood floors, sweep, vacuum rugs, clean bathrooms and the kitchen, damp mop if necessary, and empty trash.  With 4 people, this only takes about an hour.

    Contact:  Mike Norris   910-232-0810 CL   910-395-2686 HM   

    Each week starting in the spring we need at least four 2-3 person teams to take care of our Church grounds.  Each team will be responsible for the yard work, which requires about 2 ½ hours, one week per month.  The bulk of the lawn mowing will be done with the John Deere tractor.  The edges around the buildings, the pond slopes, the playground, and around the Warner Memorial Garden will be done with the push mower, weed eater, and edger, and the clean up with the leaf blower and brooms.  Gas and oil for our equipment will be in the garage: the John Deere, the mower, and the edger use non-ethanol fuel and 10-30 oil.  Please check oil levels before each use.  The leaf blower and weed eater use a gas/oil mix in a 50:1 ratio (1 gal non ethanol fuel to 2.6 oz of 2 cycle oil).  When finished, equipment clean up and a quick sweep of the garage would be appreciated.  Keys to the garage will be available. 

    Contact:  Mike Norris   910-232-0810 CL   910-395-2686 HM   

Front photo of Holy Cross

Campfire pit

Built in 2014 by our youth.  The Campfire pit is a welcoming place to roast a few marshmallows and gather for an evening worship program. Join us for a campfire!


The playground was one of the earliest structures built on our property.