Our Property

Through hard work, commitment and God's grace Holy Cross has been blessed with beautiful grounds and a building in which we can gather for worship, celebration and meetings. 

Front photo of Holy Cross

The care of the property at Holy Cross is provided through a combination of professional services and parishioner volunteers. A cleaning service attends to interior housekeeping on a weekly basis while church members take on many of the detailed tasks such as tidying, replenishing supplies, furniture arrangement, etc. The “leave it as you found it” motto is encouraged and respectfully followed. 

During the summer months, a licensed landscape service takes care of mowing, edging and debris removal to maintain a neat appearance of the exterior grounds. Again, volunteers are called upon to assist with other gardening duties, such as weeding, trimming, etc. as needed. 

The Holy Cross “Property Team”, members of the Vestry with that oversight responsibility, assures routine maintenance and repairs of our total facility are completed in a timely manner. 

For a video tour of the exterior and interior of the church building, please click here.

Campfire pit

Built in 2014 by our youth.  The Campfire pit is a welcoming place to roast a few marshmallows and gather for an evening worship program. Join us for a campfire!


The playground was one of the earliest structures built on our property.