Our Vestry

The Canons of the church give exclusive authority over the fiscal affairs of the parish to the Vestry. But Vestry members are also spiritual leaders who are committed to building up the body of Christ so that it can be an effective instrument of mission and ministry in the world.

1.   Be a confirmed member of the Episcopal Church enrolled as a member of the parish, 18 years of age or older.
2.   Have been regular in attendance at the services of the church in the years preceding election.
3.   Made and maintained a financial commitment to the parish, known to the treasurer, in the year preceding election

These are qualifications not only for election but for continued service on the Vestry. A Vestry member should lead the way in participation in the worship life and financial support of the parish.

Term of Office:  The term of a Vestry member is for three (3) years, and a Vestry  member is not eligible for re-election in the year following the expiration of his/her term. A Vestry may have not less than three (3) nor more than twenty one (21) members. Congregation with more than six hundred (600) members may have up to thirty (30) members on the Vestry. Some very small congregation have the minimum number allowed by the canons. Since a Vestry is a working body, even large congregations should not have a Vestry so large as to be unwieldy.  Twelve (12) is an ideal number, fifteen (15) are a bit awkward, and anything larger is difficult to form into a working body.

Here at Holy Cross, the vestry consists of 12 members. The Vestry consists of three teams.  These teams are People Team, Program Team, and Property Team.  The members of each team are as follows:


Meet the Vestry

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Clerk | Not Filled

Elected each year by Vestry as  Clerk of the Vestry who carries out duties as provided per Canon 4 Vestries,Section 5 of the Canons of the Diocese of East Carolina

Your Vestry is here primarily to serve the Holy Cross church family.  Any concerns, ideas, questions can be directed to any member of the Vestry.  The Vestry typically meets the third Wednesday evening of each month.



During its annual Vestry retreat on Jan. 30, the following alignment of officers and teams were approved:

Sr. Warden - Carl Danielson

Jr. Warden - John Weisz

Clerk - Kimberly McIrney

Treasurer - Trevor Hursthouse

People Team - Michael Cobb, John Bennett, Kathy Welliver

Program Team - Krista Anderson, Lee Stroud, Dan Morton

Property Team - John Weisz, Kimberly McIrney, Adam Alphin