A Meditation

The fire of God is inside each of us.  Placed there long ago by the Holy Spirit.  As you breathe in and out, that fire contains God given life alive with new possibilities along with a still calm voice of God leading us in paths where love, faith, hope, and a giving heart direct our words and actions.

A question to consider is how is that fire inside each of us?

It is a bold blue flame – focused, potent and concentrated on what we do and say.  Is there a good red glow that comforts and warms us from within and projects our purpose even when events around us seem cold and troubled?

Or is that fire faint and dim:  Covered with a layer of soot and spent coal;  A vague memory causing us to wonder if it ever was really there in the first place.  If so, it’s time to prayerfully ask God to stoke that fire, to brush away the ash and to have it come alive again and light our way. 

When this happens, we can hear and act on God’s plan as we live within our communities, our family and loved ones, and all people with whom we interact or know of needs we can help fulfill.  Given the power of the Holy Spirit keeping the flame alive, we can enrich our own life and soul and the lives and souls of our brothers and sisters.    

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