A New Home In Wilmington NC

It's a loooonggg way from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Wilmington, NC!

What an amazing 4 weeks!  Our new friends from Congo, Buza (mom), Joy, George, Morisi, and Zawadi arrived at ILM on February 3 and were met by folks from Holy Cross and staff members from Interfaith Refugee Ministries (IRM).  Ro Daugherty and Dora Alcon rented a truck and moved 4 rooms of furniture donated by Sue and Mark Consentino, delivered it, and a whole team of other church members decorated the apartment .  A Bosnian refugee who came to Wilmington several years ago donated some furniture for the boys' room.  Members of Holy Cross donated dozens of items of furniture, kitchen supplies and dishes, towels and sheets, and clothing -  too many to name, and the Outreach Committee and family thank you all!

The family has had many appointments to help them become acclimated to living in America. The whole family had vaccinations at the health department, and Buza is attending literacy classes to begin to learn English.   The school-aged children are enrolled in school, and can independently catch the bus to and from school.  They have learned to cook on the stove top, and now are learning to use the oven for baking.  Buza has expressed interest in beginning to bake her own bread...so a whole new set of words and procedures will be modeled and learned, AFTER we figure out what kind of flour to use and ingredients she needs to make bread she's accustomed to baking!

Dan and Amy Morton, Martha Scholl, and others have taken the family to the beach and to the NC Aquarium. Other volunteers have taken them on trips to grocery stores, Wal-Mart, and to parks and schools.  It was also wonderful to have Buza and the children worship with us on Ash Wednesday and Sunday, Feb. 28.

We will be hosting a dinner for our family and three other Congolese families who have all moved to Wilmington in February.  Watch your Thursday bulletin e-mails for time and date! 

If you would like to get involved in Holy Cross's support of this family, please contact Ro Daugherty (redrotary1@charter.net), or Dora Alcon (doraalcon@verizon.net).  If you work directly with the family in the home, you will need to have some training and have a background check done through IRM.  But we would be glad to have more folks helping with transportation, shopping, and tutoring! 

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