Backpacks and Dancing

First of all, I'd like to invite all of you who are in town on Aug. 13 to "come on out" for our annual "Blessing of the Backpacks" day, wherein we bless the backpacks that have been purchased and filled to be donated for students through the Brigade Boys’ and Girls' Club.  Also we're beginning a new tradition that day - that we will bless the backpacks of all of our students who are returning to school, and also the briefcases, lesson plan books, and/or tablets of the teachers in our congregation who are returning to classrooms in the fall.  So please bring your children and their backpacks to the 10:15 service on August 13 to receive a special blessing for the school year.

If you would like to contribute to the backpack effort, please contact Lenora Norris at: , and watch for a link of how to donate in your Thursday e-mail. 

More importantly, if you haven't read Mother Chana's article in Holy Crossings, stop now and read it, so that the rest of this will make sense!

            So she wrote about dancing...

 Dancing?  Me?  Well....I'm not very good at it. Being on "Dancing with the Stars" would actually be a nightmare to me.

But I admit to being excited about the kind of dance that Chana describes -  about how the people of Holy Cross have this wonderful opportunity to learn to dance with her as our new priest.  The analogy is such a positive way to think about entering into this new relationship - the push and pull, the give and take between dance partners isn't always naturally done.  There must be music, movement, steps taken, communication, practice, and then more communication and more practice. 

The vestry particularly is eager to get started with this dance.  We've invited Canon Sonny Browne of the Diocese of East Carolina to spend an afternoon with Chana and the vestry to talk about shared leadership. He will help us to explore the traditional roles of priests and vestries - and perhaps some non-traditional ones as well.   What responsibilities are the priest's alone?  What responsibilities rest with the vestry?  Which issues and responsibilities are best addressed by priest and vestry and lay leaders together?  How do we determine what will work best at Holy Cross?  How do we make sure that all voices are heard, that we make prayerfully considered decisions together?

Holy Cross has a rich history of being a lay-led church, with strong spiritual guidance and leadership provided by our founding priest Rev. Dick Warner, followed by our supply priest of the last six years, Rev. Jerry Gallagher. 

We want to honor that strong tradition as we move to a new shared-leadership model with our first full-time priest, other Chana!    Let the music begin!



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