Change…and Balance

On Sunday, August 27, Canon Sonny Browne from our Diocese visited Holy Cross and shared with us a homily concerning transition and change.  His focus was upon helping us to recognize where we are in our journey as a parish – now that we have Chana among us as our first full-time priest, we are realizing that (gasp!) some things feel different…some things are changing!   Those of us in the congregation that morning found ourselves laughing aloud, because two common things we say when we are confronted with change are:  “But that’s the way we’ve always done it!” or “But we’ve never done it that way.”  The “it” can vary, from the style of worship, to the music selections, to the prayers chosen, to the use of Morning Prayer (or not!), to the ways that committees work, to the types of Outreach programs we support. 

Change is often challenging, and yet change can also be life-giving and energizing.  I know that personally, my role as Senior Warden has changed a great deal since Chana arrived.  I tried to work closely with the vestry and to communicate clearly to the parish, but now Chana and I are trying to figure out ways that we can work together in both nurturing the spiritual direction of Holy Cross, and in managing the financial and physical plant activities that keep Holy Cross running.

After the 10:15 service, Sonny stayed and had a bit of lunch with the vestry, and then led us in a workshop to talk about how Chana and the vestry share in the leadership of Holy Cross.  In short, Chana is responsible for all decisions about worship, use of the building and programming, in consultation with Andy, the worship committee and the vestry.  The vestry is charged with raising the funds to keep Holy Cross solvent, and to maintain the building and grounds of the church, always keeping Chana apprised of what’s going on with the finances and building and property.

Sharing leadership is always a balancing act, and we’re hoping to keep that happy balance as moved forward as a parish.  We would like to encourage you to be patient with us, ask questions if you are unclear on things, and pray for God to inspire and direct us all as we continue this journey together.

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