Cub Scout Update for November 2017

Cub Scouts are growing.  We added 7 boys this Fall and are still looking for more.  If you know of any boys who may be interested, please have them contact Scott, Mark Cosentino or Dr. Doug Fry for details.

  • Fall Popcorn Fun Raiser should be complete by the time this newsletter is distributed.  Final numbers are not in at this point.  Thank you for your support If you ordered or need popcorn please contact our Kernel Maggie Heath, 336-989-5454
  • We meet the 4th Wednesday of each month at the firepit weather permitting, beginning at 6:30.  Inclement weather meetings are in the Common Area. 
  • November’s meeting 11/29 will be hosted by the Webelo Den and we will have a special program.  To honor our Veterans we will be conducting a US Flags Retirement Ceremony.  All are welcome!
  • We NEED a Cub Master.  Scott must leave the post after the first of the year due to family situation.  You do not have to have a child in the program and this is a great way to have a positive impact on our youth.  Contact Scott, Mark Cosentino or Dr. Doug Fry for details.
  • Aluminum can containment area (dog pen) is still for sale ($100).  You can see it behind the garage.  Contact Scott 910-352-6500.


Thank you Holy Cross for your support.”

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