Daughters of the King - In the Beginning

Imagine that you are attending an evening Bible class with a group of young women. It is the night before Easter. The year is 1885. Perhaps the topic of study is about women in the Bible - women who faced great challenges: crop failures, famine, plagues, lack of water and food, crop failures, poverty, discrimination, oppression, stoning so, caring for elderly parents, wandering children, taxes, corrupt leaders, death.

Perhaps these women drew inspiration from the courage and faith of many women of the Bible in the distant past who had so little and yet gave so much of themselves. In "modern day" 1885 these women asked themselves "What can I (we) do?"

It is certain that our early sisters felt a NEED to DO something. It is said that the discovery of need is the 1st step in Christian Service. Faith requires Action.
Again the question: "What can I do?"

Today I wonder about this myself. I question how I can best reflect God's love to those whose lives cross mine. I wonder how or if I can be a blessing to others far away and unseen.

The motto for Daughters of the King gives me hope and guidance. I can't be everywhere, sometimes I can't even be present here - right now...but these words inspire me to try.

"For His sake...I am but one, but I AM one.
I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
What I can do, I ought to do.
What I ought to do, by the Grace of God I will do.
Lord, what will you have me do?"

We welcome the opportunity for you to join us at a monthly meeting or to have a chat with any of us to learn more about DOK. More information about DOK in the December newsletter. In the meantime, my phone number is 910-523-5352 if you have any questions.

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