Easter Basket and Easter Egg Drive

Through the years, Holy Cross has made amazing Easter baskets and stuffed a lot of eggs.  I’m hoping our Holy Crossers will want to help Church of the Good Shepherd support La Familia Sagrada in Newton Grove again this year.
Easter will be April 16th and Church of the Good Shepherd hopes to gather 400 Easter Baskets and 4,000 Easter Eggs for the children of migrant farm workers' children. We will collect baskets and eggs  through Sunday April 2nd for them. Baskets and eggs ready after 4/2 will have to be individually delivered to Church of the Good Shepherd by contacting Mary Gaylord at 910-763-5495 to make arrangements. 
Some baskets will be provided and and a sign up sheet will be placed on a table in the gathering room. The baskets are to be filled as mentioned below. You may also provide your own basket and filled eggs. 
Basket suggestions: ( no toy guns or knives)
-1 stuffed animal
-1 book
-1 chocolate bunny
- at least one toy (ex: bubbles, doll, jump rope, Frisbee, kite, jacks, ball, car/truck/plane) candy
- anything else that says Happy Easter! to you
Packing instructions for Easter Baskets:
- wrapped in a clear plastic gift bag so that we can stack baskets in the trailer 
- no loose/unwrapped candy
Stuffed eggs:
- filled with non-chocolate, non-melting candy (in case it’s hot)
- taped shut (so they won’t burst open when they are scattered on the field)
- placed plastic grocery bags (100 eggs/bag)

If there are questions contact Jenny Scott @ 910-617-5437 or Jenny.Scott71@gmail.com

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