Easter Baskets 2017 Thank you!

Thank you to everyone for stuffing eggs, making Easter baskets and gathering books! You helped bring a lot of fun and joy to a lot of children this Easter.

Even though the weather was gorgeous, we had fewer children than usual at La Familia Sagrada in Newton Grove--- about 300 instead of 400—since this year we had over 450 baskets and over 6,000 eggs (instead of 4,000), Father Tony was able to take baskets and eggs to the children at his other two churches as well—San Jose in Smithfield and San Francisco in Goldsboro.  Father Tony also took eggs and 40 baskets directly to children living in the migrant farm worker camps near Newton Grove.   They were very appreciative.

We had 16 volunteers deliver everything this year-- 14 from the Church of the Good Shepherd, 1 from St. James and 1 from First Presbyterian.  We teamed up with migrant farm workers to "hold the lines" --- that is to keep the excited children at the start line until the buzzer went off-- and then we fanned out between the lines to help the older children stay in their lanes.  That way the 2-4 year olds had a chance to gather all the eggs in their lane without the older, faster kids swooping in.

Shaun Mitchel made a spectacular Easter Bunny and the kids adored him.

The handing out of baskets is down to a science--- the team of older youth and youth group leaders divided the baskets by age/gender-- they had tables set up with 4 people ready to take and stamp a child's hand and give them a basket.  Each person stamping hands had 2-3 runners to bring them an appropriate baskets.  Rebecca told me the trick is to hold onto the hand until you actually put the basket into it.  We learned a lot of things that will help us to be more efficient passing out books next year.  Most importantly, if you are handing out books outside- leave the books in boxes by age rather than spreading them out on a picnic table where the wind can sweep them away.  The kids loved the baskets, candy filled eggs and books.

Father Tony and his wife Lucia send their greetings, love and appreciation to you as well.

Mary Gaylord from the Church of the Good Shepherd

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