Episcopal Campus Christian Organization.

May is personally one of my favorite months.  The weather is outrageously wonderful, the earth seems poised for an explosion of greens and blues and flowers.  It is also a month of transitions.

ECCO for this school year is winding down, as students take exams and shift to their summer plans.  Some are traveling and some taking on summer school and jobs. One of our students is doing an internship, and one is graduating, with all the joys and anguish that brings.  Several are moving to new living situations for fall.

So let’s review the last couple of months before we take our summer hiatus.  Since early March, we sampled several personal spiritual practices and talked with people who worship in different ways.  We walked the labyrinth, prayed in color and practiced letting go of monkey mind through meditation.  We assembled five Easter baskets for the Migrant Farmworker’s Ministry, and spent a Saturday bringing a family’s house a little closer to HOME status.  We shared our lovingly-made meals, and splurged one night on authentic Mexican food.  We worshiped together in Holy Communion with Rev. Pam Stringer of Holy Trinity.

We are currently planning and anticipating a wonderful retreat at Trinity Center with our counterparts from Pembroke and ECU.  Our new officers for the coming year are set and have agreed to new roles as student leaders within ECCO.    We will focus early in the next year on recruiting more students and reach out especially to freshmen and sophomores.  If you know of students who may be interested in ECCO, please contact me.   Our students are friendly, engaged and welcoming.  We are also on Facebook. 

Thank you for all your support of ECCO.  It is one of our really good ideas.

Alfreda Gee

Episcopal Campus Minister

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