Episcopal Habitat Build

On September 1st, St. James Episcopal Church hosted a meeting of all New Hanover and Pender County Episcopal Churches to initiate plans for a Episcopal sponsored Habitat for Humanity home; St. Phillip’s, Holly Ridge was also in attendance, even though they are in Onslow County.  In a letter from St. James:

“Joining our congregations together, we believe we can secure the necessary volunteers and financial resources (some of which has already been committed) to be successful.”

St James has set aside a portion of Capitol Campaigns for Outreach use, they will fund half the cost of the build; the other 11 churches will fund the remaining $22,000.  However, it is realized that not all churches will be able to budget their portion of the cost, so each church is asked to give what they can, with the hope that the entire cost of the build will be met!  Even if a church can’t budget a particular dollar amount, in-kind donations of materials, money from fund raisers, etc., can help offset what they can’t budget. 

At the September meeting, the Vestry was supportive of the proposal and approved that Holy Cross will join with St. James, and hopefully all the other churches, to come together to work on this project.  It is hoped a portion of Holy Cross’s pledge can come from donations and fund raising sources.  

Details are limited at this time, but it is anticipated the build will begin in late winter, early spring of 2016 with completion about 4-5 months after groundbreaking.

Updates will be posted in the newsletter, bulletin, and Thursday emails as details become available.

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