Episcopal Relief and Development Message for July


Episcopal Relief & Development and the Sustainable Development Goals


 It's been over a year since the Nepal earthquake, six years since the one in Haiti and five years since the tsunami and earthquake in Japan…

 I recently traveled to these countries to assess their long-term recovery work and realized that similar lessons can be drawn from all of them—including the importance of a responsive government; the need for investment in both preparedness and long-term recovery; and the critical role that churches and non-governmental organizations play in helping communities rebuild.

 I am very grateful for our partners in Nepal, Haiti, Japan and elsewhere, who are doing just that—and for our generous supporters, who allow us to be a source of strength in the face of disaster.

 Thank you for reading about this work, and some of our other current projects, in this month's newsletter:


Yours faithfully,

Robert W. Radtke


Episcopal Relief & Development

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