God's Great Gifts to Us

Dear Friends,

      As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I give special thanks for all of you. Joy and I feel so glad to be part of this parish family. Life is God's great gift to us. What we do with our life, how we use our gifts, is our thanksgiving to God.

       One of our very precious gifts is TIME. Each day is a new chance to brighten the lives of the people  who make up the fabric of our life. We are responsible for using this TIME in a good manner. Do we set aside time to listen and share, to do random acts of kindness, to volunteer, and time to pray?

        Each of us is blessed with different gifts, special TALENTS. We are meant, in God's plan, to use them to build a community of faith. So, let the singer sing joyful songs, the comedian help us to laugh, the carpenter build sturdy shelves, the organizers keep us from chaos, the listeners free us from loneliness.

         And let us use our earthly TREASURE so that we will have that treasure that will last forever. May God bless us with ever more generous hearts, so that we can really enjoy life. I pray that your pledge to the Church will bring you a sense of joy.


 " All things are Thine, O Lord, and of Thine own have we given Thee".


 Father Jerry

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