Gratitude , "Get to..." EGGs...Engage God in Gratitude!

About a year ago, a friend gave me the book God Never Blinks : 50 Lessons for Life's Little Detours by Regina Brett. Actually the main detour Brett describes is not little at all...she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 41, and many of the lessons describe what she learned in her fight with and recovery from cancer.
In her first lesson (Life Isn't Fair, But It's Still Good), she writes:
I had just undergone my first chemotherapy and couldn't imagine being bald. Then I saw a guy wearing a baseball cap bearing these words: LIFE IS GOOD.
Life didn't feel good and it was about to feel worse, so I asked the guy where he got the hat. Two days later, Frank drove across town and stopped by my house and gave me one. Frank is a magical kind of guy. A house painter by trade, he lives by two simple words: "Get to."
They remind him to be grateful for everything. Instead of saying, "I have to go to work today," Frank tells himself, "I get to go to work." Instead of saying, "I have to get groceries," he gets to. Instead of saying, "I have to take the kids to baseball practice," he gets to. It works for everything.
I wonder if this could even work as we consider our parish life and commitments, in how we relate to one another and God. Imagine saying: "I get to call a friend who's sick." "I get to go to church this morning!" (At 8:00, this is a stretch for me!) "I get to teach Godly Play." "I get to play and sing in the band." " I get to prepare the bread and wine this morning," "I get to open up the church, make coffee, and count the offering" (Vestry folks get to do this often! Are you jealous? :) Or even this: "I get to Engage God in Gratitude, and financially support this parish."
November is the month when Americans - all of us - give thanks. Thanks for our families, friends, our parish, blessings too many to number - for our country.
I hope you will join the vestry in just taking time to take stock...what are you grateful for? Think about possibly giving back out of your gratitude for God, for all the blessings you have, all the blessings that we share together as the Holy Cross community.
We "get to" be the Holy Cross family. Thanks be to God!
Peace be with you...

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