Help Hub

Holy Cross donates $2500.00 a year to the Help Hub in Wilmington.

The Help Hub is “a collaborative Outreach Program providing short-term or emergency aid to individuals and families in need, and/or guidance to connect them to additional resources.” It is part of the Harrelson Center at 20 North 4th Street, and client assistance is supported by the Center, area churches, organizations, and individuals.  As part of the Harrelson Center they are in the unique position to link their clients with other non-profit organizations that can also assist them.  For instance, if a person is unemployed and cannot pay their rent, they might help them financially, but also send them to Phoenix Hometown Hires at the Center which provides job readiness training, and  job placement.  In three short years, the Help Hub now has gone from 3 churches to 13 churches that help to finance their work for the needy.   Every first Tuesday of each month at 11:00 all are welcome to tour the Help Hub.  In addition, on March 22nd, there is  an Open House from 4-6 at the Harrelson Center.  Please consider visiting  this campus that houses 12 non-profit partners that work together to provide centralized services to support the poor.  For more information or to volunteer, please call The Help Hub at 910-769-5357 or the Harrelson Center office at 910-343-8212.

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