Jamey Graves to Sing at Washington National Cathedral

Holy Cross is proud to announce that Jamey Graves has been asked by Presiding Bishop Elect Michael Curry to perform for his installation service on November 1st at Washington National Cathedral, in Washington, DC. This is a great honor for both Jamey and Christ Church Charlotte where he currently serves as Associate Director of World Music. Holy Cross is also honored to have been a part of Jamey's growth within the Church and we wish him well on this endeavor.

The songs Jamey will be performing include songs that he and Bishop Curry shared this summer on the Freedom Ride, a spiritual journey with fellow travelers from around the globe focused on truth, reconciliation, and peace. The songs include Jamey’s arrangement of “Wade in the Water,” an African-American spiritual which speaks to our baptismal covenant. It calls us to wade into troubled waters and present ourselves in the image of Christ in the world.  Another, “Montaña” is a Latin-American traditional song sung in Spanish. This is the parable of the mustard seed, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can say to the mountain, “move, move.” And it will move. Thus saith the Lord.                            

 Jamey will be performing with Sandra Montes, Worship Leader from San Mateo Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas, for both the Saturday event, prior to the installation service, and the installation service on Sunday.

This is truly an historical moment in the Episcopal Church as we appoint the first African American as Presiding Bishop of the Church. As Jamey participates in these upcoming services we know he will represent the Episcopal Faith with grace and harmony.   Let us center our prayers around Jamey, Sandra, Bishop Curry and all those participating in the installation process, we also participate in the uplifting of all our brothers and sisters in Christ with encouragement, inspiration, and support.

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