Karibu! Welcome!

Exciting news!  Holy Cross welcomes a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo!

Welcome to our new friends, a family from Congo!  This news is so new, we don't even know their names yet, but here's what we know:

Interfaith Refugee Ministry-Wilmington, contacted Dora and Ro (chairs of our Outreach Committee) on January 25 to let them know that our awaited-family has been scheduled to arrive in Wilmington on Wednesday, Feb. 3 at 5:09 p.m.

Lots of Holy Cross folks set up the apartment over the weekend, and the committee is gathering a few more items to furnish the apartment

If you are able to come greet this family, please gather at the ILM airport on Wednesday, Feb. 3, at 4:45 to give them a welcome to the United States.  If you want to make a poster, you could write "Karibu!" which means "welcome", or more ambitious?  "Karibu katika nyumba yako mpya!"  (Welcome to your new home!).  If you go to Google Translate and select "Swahili", you can find other words of welcome!

 Members of Outreach have also gone grocery shopping and will prepare a welcome meal for them for Wednesday evening. 

There will be many needs in the future for this family, but for now, please know that this family will need clothing for COLD weather (NOT the equatorial climate they are coming from!) for the following:


Mom - 33 years old

Daughter - 16 years old

Son - 14 years old

Son - 9 years old

Daughter - 2 years old


Also, be on the lookout for toys and books for the 2 year old and 9 year old!

If you have questions or items to share, please contact Dora Alcon at :  doraalcon@verizon.net.

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