Looking for the Light

Happy New Year! 

I walk with a friend frequently during the winter, and we both struggle with the sun setting so early, rising so late, and the precious  few minutes of light to take a walk during December days.  We celebrate the winter solstice, because each day thereafter, there are a few more minutes of sunlight per day.

This reminds me of the passage when Isaiah prophesies about the coming of Christ:  "The people who walked in darkness have seen a great Light..." (Isaiah 9:2).  And it ties in well with Andy's words of encouragement that he's shared this month.

I am excited to be working with our vestry this year as we begin a new year together at Holy Cross.  We are a forward-focused parish - just look at what January offers for us:

The Epiphanies Mediation Day on Jan. 7 offered by the Daughters of the King.

Spiritual Journeys workshops on Jan. 11, 18, and 25. (Check church bulletins and the website to find out how to sign up for both!)

And perhaps most exciting, we should be hearing soon from our Bishop, Rob Skirving, and Canon Matt Stockard, who will be sharing with us updates on candidates to become Holy Cross's first full-time priest.  

As Christians, we are to be people always looking for the Light, the Light of Christ.  God truly can be found in all places - in nature, in family, in friends, in quiet and solitude,  and even inside grief and tragedy.  We must be open to the Light, and open to the changes that inevitably will come when we also open our hearts to invite someone new to worship and serve with us and to lead us.  

Each month this year, I will share scripture that has to do with our journey together through 2017.  The vestry and the Renewal Works committee will be recommending that we embed scripture in all we do at Holy Cross.  

Let's walk together into the Light of this New Year!  May the peace of the God be always with you...with us all.  


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