Looking to the Future With Faith and Trust

Dear Friends in Christ,

Today while at church in the time between services I found myself in front of the bulletin board depicting our history from 2003 to the present.  I cannot fully express the feelings that poured forth in those moments.  I was blown away by the realization that thanks to the efforts of so many of you   we have come a long, long way.  Think about it -  from a band room, to a cafeteria, to a lobby, to a room dominated by images of fruit, to an initial building... and we cannot forget the trailer that was an important part of our life for several years.  Now we are on the verge of having our first full time priest on board.  Can it get any better?

As we anticipate this next step, there is great excitement and some anxiety as we wonder what is ahead for us.  Our history is one of always looking forward with great expectations on what the future had in store for us, while at the same time treasuring our past. In each stage of our development as a parish family we have managed to treasure our past, but not be bound by it.  We have looked to the future with faith and trust that our God was leading us in the path we should go. Each stage has produced its own anxiety mixed with hope.  Through it all we have persevered, always looking to the future.

So, let us go into that future with the same confidence, with the same trust in God that has been our hallmark, believing that God has new and wonderful things in store for us.  I know that my fellow clergy join me in saying that we cannot wait to see what God has in store for us and we pledge our support as we go into that bright and wonderful future.  May God’s grace continue to be with us.

Agape , Dick

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