Meet the Streams

About a year or so ago, Dustin, Kathy and Anna Stream decided it would be better for Anna to be involved in an active youth program. They started to seek out some churches in the area. They decided to try Holy Cross because they were familiar with the Episcopal Church (they attended Holy Trinity for many years) and Holy Cross was close to their house. They had been to Holy Cross once before, years ago, when Holy Cross was still meeting in the school. 


What they found is a loving church with a great program for children. When they first starting attending, Holy Cross was more involved with St. Andrews, and they are sorry to see that relationship does not appear to be growing now:( They love Jonathan so, so much. And they are confident the youth program will continue to grow with more kids Anna's age.


The Streams say, “Fr. Jerry is so dear! He is the real deal!” They recently moved from south of Monkey Junction to Pine Valley, and Fr. Jerry came to their new home to bless it! They further say, “He is aaaamazing!”


The Streams are really hoping they can be more involved with the church in the near future! 

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