Men's Fellowship at Holy Cross

On the third Saturday of most months in the year, all men of Holy Cross are invited to participate in a time of fellowship and to share breakfast at the church. The breakfast food does not consist of coffee and stale donuts, but a complete meal that often includes steak, bacon, sausage, hash browns, biscuits and eggs cooked to order. Don’t even think about eating lunch that day! Holy Cross chef de cuisine, Jim Scott, and a few of his “sous”, create the kitchen magic that produces this tasty and satisfying meal.
But it’s not just a time for eating. The group brain storms and plans activities that support the church. The pork butt sale is just one such example. On occasion, an invited speaker offers a presentation. This past month Carl Byrd, a contact for the Wilmington Prostate Cancer Support Group, spoke mainly about his spiritual journey - first running from, and then running to the Lord. This powerful witness left the attending men enrapt, no doubt triggering analogies from their own lives.
The next meeting will be Saturday, Nov. 18, and breakfast service begins at 8:00 am. Come on out! Guaranteed there will be something for everyone.

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