Ministry Changes and Opportunities

Changes in Holy Cross Personnel

Interim Financial Manager: Ellen Wells
Office Day: Irregular. Email with financial requests.
Primary Responsibilities: Check writing, bookkeeping, crafting realistic job description and payscale for future hire.

Membership Coordinator: Mary Johnson
Office Day: Tuesday, 9:00-12:00
Primary Responsibilities:
Membership Records, Directory updates, Monthly Newsletter

Scheduling Coordinator: Brooke Lamson
Office Day: Wednesday, 9:00-12:00
Primary Responsibilities:
Servant Scheduling and Calendar Oversight

Communications Coordinator: Lee Stroud
Office Day: Tuesday, 9:00-12:00
Primary Responsibilities:
Assembling bulletin, Thursday email, Email Database Management.

Bulletin Coordinator: Deb Danielson
Office Day: Wednesday, works from home
Primary Responsibilities: Creating electronic bulletin for print. Items for inclusion must be received to by 9:00am Wednesday morning.


Ministry Opportunities:

Prayer Ministry Coordinator:

  • Primary contact for prayer requests – receive email or phone requests, check prayer box
  • In conjunction with clergy, create process for maintaining confidentiality of individuals requesting prayer
  • Maintain and update list of prayer requests
  • Provide weekly updated list to bulletin coordinator and prayer chain
  • Oversee prayer chain google group – make additions and deletions – and/or establish a prayer group who will pray, plan, and communicate prayer initiatives.
  • Identify individuals in church who have indicated an interest in intercessory prayer
  • Provide for training, suggestions, materials, and networking

Christian Formation Coordinator:

  • Schedule yearly curriculum to coincide with the church calendar. Curriculum starts on Sunday following Labor Day and runs up to Memorial Day. 
  • Order Surfrider and Epic Waves curriculum and any updates needed for Godly Play. Order Fall and Winter curriculum in the same year for budgeting reasons.
  • Monitor supplies for each class and purchase items needed, working within the Christian Education budget. 
  • Be the "point" person for last minute changes to the teacher schedule, such as teachers getting sick the day before or the morning of their planned teaching schedule.
  • Ensure that there are two adults in the classes with the kids at all times, and make sure that if you are not present, someone is designated this responsibility.
  • There is currently no curriculum for the Seashells class. Michelle Carpenter has been offering the little children church songs, books, coloring and stories appropriate for the age. They also play with interactive toys.
  • In charge of training, encouragement, empowerment and overall moral for teachers. Work closely with the teachers, getting their input on curriculum choices, class changes, time changes, etc.
  • Identify and recruit new prospective teachers
  • Support youth events such as VBS, Christmas pageant, and children events and activities.



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