Next Steps Together

The January Series, coordinated by the Renewal Works Committee was inspirational. Jay Sidebotham, creator of RW and Associate Rector at St. James, Wilmington, opened the series by talking with us about commitment, community, and our individual and collective spiritual journeys.

At the second session, Ada Atkinson led us in a process for thinking about where we've been and where we want to go on our personal spiritual journeys.

Snowy Albright wrapped up our three weeks with helping us think about tools we may need and enjoy to deepen our relationship with Jesus and enhance our ministries.

A very special thank you to Becky Wall who coordinated the cook teams. We enjoyed breaking bread together while enjoying fellowship and study. Thanks to all who attended and to those who helped in any way over the three week session!
Going forward: Several of us shared various methods, readings, and tools that enrich our spiritual lives. Perhaps you are in need of new and invigorating options. Among the ideas for Spiritual  deepening were, Bible Study, prayer, and reflection through the Holy Cross Lending Library, devotional "Jesus Calling," online daily by Richard Rohr, Monday Matters, "An Altar in the World," by Barbara Brown Taylor, "The Life You've Always Wanted," by John Ortberg, meditation, contemplation, prayer, EFM, Fourth Day Reunion Groups, Sunday School, worship, music, the daily lectionaries downloaded, and the audio file "The Bible Experience." 
Our website features various aids. Go here to check it out and see if there is something new for you there. 
Also, stay tuned for information about a Lenten series on Wednesdays which will offer all of us opportunities to continue in our spiritual journeys.  
"The sun will rise and set regardless...What we choose to do with the light while it's here is up to us.  Journey wisely.

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