Our adopted family - Buza, Joy, George, Morisi, and Zawadi, are doing well!  The kids are all adjusting to school, and we have groups of parishioners who are working with them in the afternoons to support them in their schoolwork.  Our committee is lining up transportation to get Buza to ESL classes so that she can become a proficient English speaker and reader.  Dan and Amy Morton recently took the oldest 3 kids out on their boat...and pictures show they had a blast!  We are happy that the family comes to worship here at Holy Cross most Sundays.

Morisi's teacher contacted us about an opportunity he has to go to UNCW's soccer camp.  We've got him enrolled, so he'll be a camper in June!  If you know of a soccer camp that George could attend, we are working to find him a week of camp as well.  Please contact Beth Carter at bjwcarter3@gmail.com if you know of a contact or camp.

The family also has let us know that they need a new coffee table, as their table broke.  Also, they are finding the couch/sofa is showing a lot of wear, and we're wondering if anyone has a couch they could donate (probably not good to have solid colors with a two-year old!) that is 7 feet long or so...if you do, please let Dora or Ro know.

Also, if you think you might have time to drive the kids to summer camps and opportunities, please also let Dora or Ro know.

Thanks for your prayers and support of this family!  

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