Prayers for Orlando Shooting Victims

Once again we have seen a terrible tragedy occur in our country. The people in Orlando were minding their own business, having fun on a Saturday night when all of a sudden a man with terrible hatred in his heart took the lives of over 50 young people with just as many injured.

Why does this keep happening in our country? What can we do? I know that I feel helpless in times like this. I struggle to understand why we allow a person to buy a weapon that is designed for our military. I struggle to understand how a person so troubled found no help for that hatred. I weep for the families and friends who have lost loved ones.

All I can do is pray. Pray for all those lost to such violence. I ask God to comfort all those who mourn. I pray that we will not allow ourselves to become filled with hatred, but we will seek God to help us realize we are all one, and when so many parts of our body are hurt, all are hurt. Healing takes time. We must be vigilant and peaceful at the same time. God, give us the peace that passes all understanding. Give us courage to seek understanding, to listen with open hearts and minds that we may find a responsible solution.


The Rev. Deacon Andy Atkinson

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