September Vestry Corner

“Time to Soar, 2016”, and beyond

Just a quick note to say how excited I am to see our seasons change.   Autumn arrives in September along with our upcoming September 12th Barbecue outing. Supper Club groups are forming,  and Scouting programs are underway. Godly Play begins for our children September 13th, and Youth and Family events are being scheduled with the hopes of partnering with St. Andrews on the Sound. Christian Education and EFM are in full swing, and the beat goes on (and the weather is cooling off!).

With our recent refinancing, your Vestry and Finance Committee are busy working on our 2016 and beyond budget plans with a dedicated focus planning for our future and saving for a full time priest.

These are exciting times for Holy Cross! This year seems to be a real pivotal year for us as we begin planning for our future growth and development – continuing to better serve our mission, sharing the love of Christ to all.

Of course, it takes everyone pulling together with a focus on the future. Vestry will be sharing as much information as possible as a part of our upcoming Stewardship Program this fall. We are developing a timeline with some instructional information about our church and some fun events.

Be on the lookout for our Souper Celebration entitled  "Rocking Chair Moments with Bob."   We are totally excited about moving forward with Stewardship and are calling this “Time to Soar – 2016”, and beyond. Look for more information through bulletin boards, announcements, newsletters, and our Holy Crossings.

Welcome to Autumn!



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