Sr. Warden Update 2/3/2019

February 2019

Greetings from you Sr. Warden:

It was with humility, and more than a bit of trepidation, that I accepted this position in January. I ask now for your support and prayers to help me do the very best I can. As part of my new position, I’m going to try to share with you on a monthly basis a little of what is going on at Holy Cross.

To begin with, we have taken a huge step forward in bringing Chana to us as our Priest in Charge. Having someone in this position is a very new experience for us and there have been, and will be, growing pains. I accepted a Vestry position 2 years ago mainly because I wanted to be a part of the selection process and have been impressed all along the way with the efficiency of that process. Our Bishop and The Rev’d Canon Matt Stockard did an awesome job in matching us with Chana. As we near the end of her two year term as Priest in Charge, the Vestry must now begin a dialogue with her as to where we go after July of this year. Happily, both Chana and the Vestry have agreed to explore the options of either asking her to serve another term as Priest in Charge or to call her as our Rector. We will work closely with her, as well as our Treasurer and Finance Committee, to explore which option would best suit Holy Cross and Chana. As far as we are able, we will share with you how these negotiations are progressing.

Please feel free to speak with me at any time with your questions or concerns about anything going on at Holy Cross.

Polly Lake


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