Vestry Corner for October

Coming soon ……………

In the next few weeks we hope you will begin to notice changes in the gathering area.  The Warner Memorial Garden bulletin board will take up residence on Holy Cross’s new and improved website.  All of the information will be there and forms may either be printed off from the website or picked up in the office for your convenience.  The location of our military board will change as well to a new location in the gathering area.  We hope that the change will prompt us all to take a fresh look at the board so we can put a face with a name when we pray for our dedicated service men and women during the prayers on Sunday.   Several new bulletin boards will be up and running by mid October to provide you with the latest information regarding plans for a full time priest, the annual stewardship campaign and the 2016 operating budget.  Youth and Family will continue to keep us informed about events and activities our youth are participating in and maybe even ways we can become involved.

We’d like one or two of the boards to change at least seasonally and we welcome your ideas and suggestions on things you’d like to see displayed.  Several of the boards will be available at the end of the stewardship/budget campaign in late November or early December.   What a great time and a great vehicle to bring attention to your charity, receive a Christmas “card” from our youth or share pictorially a recent Holy Cross event. You may reserve a board by contacting the church office.

Ellen Wells

Junior Warden

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