Vestry Corner from our Junior Warden

If you missed the 2nd Annual Souper Celebration at Holy Cross on October 16th then we missed you! Thanks again to all those who attended and thanks as well to those who weren’t able to join in the fun.

The Souper Celebration is the Vestry’s opportunity to say thank you to each and every member of the Holy Cross family for all you do all year long while enjoying some delicious soup, bread, salad and wine in addition to sharing information concerning this year, 2016 and beyond.  Soup offerings ranged from Taco with all the fixings to marvelous creamy potato to vegetarian chili as well as traditional chili to split pea with ham hocks and everything in between.  Suffice it to say there was something for every palate.

A fun skit put on by your vestry wardens and team leaders attempted to convey information regarding the countless tasks performed by our many volunteers, as well as information and ideas about how we hope to fund  a full time priest for the Holy Cross family.  Paula Studebaker, a volunteer with countless unseen talents, was absolutely the star of the skit.   So …………, if you missed the Souper Celebration this year please add it to your calendar for next year the 3rd week or so in October to allow us to remind you of how instrumental you are in helping Holy Cross continue its mission.

Ellen Wells, Jr. Warden

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