We are People on a Journey...from our Senior Warden

Between February and May of this year the Renewal Works Team at Holy Cross met in five – approximately two and one-half hour sessions to explore the results of the Spiritual Life Inventory that 88 members completed earlier in the year.   Snowy Albright, as facilitator, led sixteen energetic, dedicated Holy Crossers through the Renewal Works (RW) process that was designed to help us understand our spiritual health relative to:

1)      Where we have been?

2)      Where we are now?

3)      Where do we feel called to go?

4)      How do we get there?

We completed homework assignments in preparation for each workshop,  listened to others thoughts and ideas and shared our own in the sessions,  and  prayed in and out of class that we would hear what God was calling us to do individually and collectively regarding our spiritual health and well-being.  The quest became:   what could this team do that would help each member be or become intentional in deepening his or her relationship with God and neighbor?  What program(s)/process (es), etc. might we implement that would allow each member to progress along the spiritual continuum in an intentional way?   

                I am pleased to report that on June 5th Ada Atkinson, a Renewal Works team member, will share will share with you the survey results and plans going forward at the 8:00 and 10:15 services.   At that point the Renewal Works program will be complete - and the real work will begin.   Over the summer we hope to familiarize you with the process.  Each week a RW team member will share some aspect of their personal spiritual journey with you and maybe even what has helped them progress along the continuum.  No work or response is required on your part – this is simply a “sharing.”

Also, a RW team member has signed on to be the point person for every area the survey results indicated might be an opportunity for growth/development.  Additionally at least two other RW team members have agreed to provide support in each area.  Holy Crossers  with an interest in a particular area will be asked/encouraged to join the team so all voices can be heard.    

Beginning in the fall we will begin in earnest to implement some of the ideas and practices that you let us know are important to you.   This is not a program with a deadline, but rather a process through which we hope and pray that each of us will continue to grow and evolve in our relationship with God and each other.   Every spiritual journey is different - we are all the sum total of everything and everyone that has touched or impacted our lives and every story is unique.  The commonality we share is the ability to look past the differences and love each other with the full knowledge that God  made each of us to be just exactly who we are.  I believe it was Max Lucado said - “God loves us just the way we are – and He loves us too much to let us stay that way.”  Please join us in the journey.





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