Wine's a Wrap!

The saying “it takes a village” is so true – only for us it was “it takes a church”. 


It seems like only yesterday we were preparing for our first “Wine Experience” and now it is over.  I think those who attended will agree it was a delightful evening and are looking forward to next year’s event!  So many people helped make the event successful starting with the committee who met regularly for several months of planning.  Thanks go to Jim and Jenny Scott, Pete and Polly Lake, CA Wallin, Chuck Dierling (our Wine Master) and Carl Beckett who were on the committee.    A special thanks to Regina Cobb for making the posters that hung about the building; to Mike Norris, Mark Zenobia and Carolyn Moore who set up the sanctuary with Carolyn Moore leading them along with Roni Hursthouse, Jenny Scott and Becky Underwood for the beautiful decorating.  Mary Lou Lane led the kitchen crew, sorting foods that were brought in, keeping the serving tables laden with delicious hors d’ oeuvres the entire evening – Mary Johnson, Pat Harrill, Beverley Hill, Marian Hills and umpteen wonderful Holy Cross cooks who contributed the food; to Lenora Norris who made the delicious Sangria to go along with the food; to Deborah Wallin who printed our tickets; to our wine servers Jan Eudy, Bob Underwood, Mike Norris, Mark Zenobia, Michael Cobb, Bob Moore, Barbara Johnston and Becky Wall along with The Committee;  to Jo Dierling who manned the registration table; to Claudia Bennett who sold raffle tickets at the door; to John Bennett for serving as the Master of Ceremonies; to Hannah and Mallory Beckett (two of my beautiful granddaughters) who supplied live music in the Sanctuary with their harp and cello; to Charles Lancaster and Pete Lake for being there to make sure everything flowed smoothly; to Jonathan Graves for his electronic prowess with pictures he, Jim Scott and Carl Beckett shot and setting them up on the monitor for all of us to enjoy; to Polly Lake who invited area Episcopal Churches to join us.  Lastly, (this is beginning to sound like an academy awards presentation) thank you Carl Beckett, Chuck Dierling and Jenny Scott for setting up the fellowship hall for the actual wine tasting. If I have left anyone out, please forgive me.  Everyone who had anything to do with our first venture can pat themselves on the back for a job well done and I thank you all!  By the way, we cleared  $3652.00! 

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