A Prayer for Holy Cross

A Prayer for Holy Cross Episcopal Church

Gracious God, bless this band of believers and draw them closer together in your ministry. When they are coping, cheer them on. When they are caring, let your love be alive between them. When they are committing, let it be with their whole being. When they are apart, bind them together in the fellowship of your Spirit. Bless you precious Lord for accompanying them, for accepting their humanness, and for calling them into deeper love and service. For surely, our Love above all Loves, your guidance, your whisper of guidance to serve your mission here on earth as it is in heaven will open their hearts to be all that they can be, in your name, here on earth as it is in heaven.

Thank you my Love above all loves, for keeping watch over these people who desire to “bring you the cream of all their hearts, to serve you seven whole days, not one in seven and will come to know that even eternity’s too short to extol thee”.

Thank you Holy Cross, for your generous and forgiving welcome of a ‘COVID’ interim time in your lives together; thank you for welcoming both the ministry that we, Wayne and I bring as a team devoted to spreading the love and wisdom of Christ; and thank you for the generous gift that will enrich the sacred ministry of ministering to the residents and staff of Trinity Grove. All will be well.

Blessed love, Nancy Lee+

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