A Woman's Advent Journey


Gathering Around the Flame


“In this strange season when we are suspended between realization and expectation, may we be found honest about the darkness, more perceptive of the light”. Jack Boozer

 Using Jan Richardson’s book Night Visions, as our guide a Women’s Only offering will begin on Tuesday, December 1st @ 5:55 and each Tuesday evening during Advent (Dec. 8,15 and 22).

Jan and I traveled through seminary together. She was born a wise soul and an articulate artist of many colors and textures. Together, Jan, you and I will gather around a flame while creating a ‘virtual village of wisdom’ while traveling part of the closing months of 2020 together.

What to expect

 Preparation & Process

Our ‘time together’ will begin with each of us gathering in a private prayer space. If you do not have such a space carved out in your home, please create one. It is essential space for you to claim as your own, with no interruptions. It’s helpful to have:

  • Candle
  • One or more sacred objects that draw you to God; could be a simple cross, an icon, a special sea shell or photograph…which and whatever draws your attention to ‘the ever present and available’ Holy Spirit, the pneuma of our life together
  • A bible and Book of Common Prayer

Connect to our Zoom gathering @ 5:55 with your candle lit. From 5:55 – 6:00 we will sit in candle lit silence together. If you so desire, prepare to sip your favorite beverage with a side of bread, cheese, whatever is comfort food for you, during our gathering.

At 6:00 one of us will say a prayer for ‘our gathering’.  At the end of this prayer we will invite individual prayer petitions on behalf of others, Holy Cross, our city, country and the world.

At 6:10 we will begin our ‘Advent journey’ and conclude with Compline beginning @ 7:15.  At the end of each ‘gathering’ we will ask for volunteers to lead the Opening Prayer & Compline for the next week.

  • Homework

Prior to each gathering you’re expected to have read the full week of Advent meditations/poems/engage with Jan’s artwork in Night Visions.

I’ll be sending additional biblical text readings with accompanying questions to ponder, which call you to day-by-day reflecting. It will be helpful for your own soul-journey, to do this work at your home ‘sacred space’.

  • Required

Signing up. I’ll need a list of names a week out from our first gathering so you can receive your homework assignments.  CLICK HERE to sign up or contact Lee Stroud, 910 330-2004.

Purchasing Night Visions and keeping up with homework and intentional prayer & quiet time

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