Adult Education and Formation Committee

Missing the Holy Cross Community? Need Some Spiritual Nourishment?

If your answer is “YES!” your Adult Education and Formation Committee has developed the following


You will be contacted by phone in the next few weeks and invited to join a Zoom group of about nine
parishioners to share a bit of your story. Discussions will be based around topics such as:

o Where are you from
o What brought you to Holy Cross
o What do you most enjoy about Holy Cross
o Where do we go from here

Dates and times of Zoom sessions will be shared during the phone call. The meetings shouldn’t last
longer than an hour and two meetings will be scheduled. It will be fun to hear from you and interesting
to see the connections that may come from these two meeting.

All you need to participate in a Zoom meeting is a computer, an iPad or a phone. If you don’t
have one of these devices or are unfamiliar with Zoom, help will be available. We want
everyone to participate….please don’t let technological barriers prevent you from joining in
the fun
We are excited about coming together and look forward to you joining us!!

Building community * Building relationships

Purpose of the Adult Education and Formation Committee: To help nourish our faith and prepare us for
active life in a world in need.
Adult Education and Formation Committee: Krista Anderson, Beth Carter, Carl Danielson, Jonathan
Graves, Lee Stroud, Carolina Villa, Ann Hood and Wayne Floyd

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