Adult Education and Formation


Adult Education and Formation

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Parish Education and Formation

I like to say that for Christians, Education is everything that happens above our necks, while Formation has to do with everything below!

They cannot be separated, of course; for example, when I understand myself or something else differently, it is of no consequence if I don't act any differently.  Episcopal beliefs have to do not merely with our "feelings" about others, but with the "actions" by which we show how much or little we value them.

Our spiritual lives, too, are not just a matter of our interior life of prayer and reflection, but also the way we live our lives with one another in the midst of the messiness of the world.

We learn and are formed not just by what we know, but by our experiences with others, and their experiences of us.

So Christian Education is not a spectator sport alone; it is equally something we participate in.  The "change" we undergo, is not just something we think or feel, but the way we do things as well.  Presiding Bishop Michael Curry calls this "the way of love."

The Christian Education Committee is charged with providing leadership for the parish we go about the business of teaching

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