Angel Tree Wrap Up

Angel Tree 2021 is a Wrap.      

Thanks to all who supported this ministry through prayer for our families and purchasing gifts for our angels.  A special thanks to our elves Thomas and Zachary Alphin and their friend Finn, and Augustus and Abigail Carpenter.  These young Holy Cross members gave up a beautiful Saturday to help give out gifts to the caregivers.  We also want to thank the parents of our elves Adam and Heather and Michelle for pitching right in and helping.  Things come up which makes it difficult for caregivers to pick up gifts so we are blessed to have a small group of sleigh drivers willing to deliver the gifts.  Thanks to Lynn and Ashley Piver, the Alphin family, and Denise Darden for seeing that gifts got to our families.  As I said last week, it takes a loving parish to carry out a successful Angel Tree ministry.  Thank you and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Lee Stroud

Denise Darden

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