Epiphany – A Time of Discernment

Love Message

Epiphany, the scriptures continue to teach us is about learning to see and recognize God
in the improbable person--Jesus: born in a stable, baptized by one who ate bugs and wild
honey. Jesus who stayed up late drinking at weddings and died that we might live.
Epiphany is about the recognition of the miraculous in the middle of the ordinary. It’s
about listening not just with our ears, yet with our heart and soul. It’s about the
ambiguities of trying to hear God speak even in silence, to hear angels sing amidst our
fear and darkness, to hear our neighbor crying out to us from beyond our comfort and

And most of all, Epiphany is not just about listening, even hearing, yet also about
learning to recognize our very selves to be God’s hands and feet in the world, each time
we let God use us to incarnate the love of Christ among our neighbors, among strangers,
even among our perceived enemies.

Are you ready to make a difference in the name of Love? Do you long for a place, a
space to hear how a relationship with God can make the difference you were yearning
for? Something you could not name yet know is missing in your life?
Come and See how the first step into the waters of Episcopal worship, of a spiritual
friendship with the Holy Cross Episcopal community could change your life. And
friends, it is not just Holy Cross…for The Church is worth the risk. I just happen to be
writing today…a note of welcome as the Interim Rector for Holy Cross Episcopal Church
in Wilmington, NC…a note of welcome to all places of worship that are worth your

Blessed Love to you, the love that has been and will be there, forever and ever. NLJ+

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