Episcopal Farm Workers Update

The Episcopal Farm Workers Ministry is a fantastic organization that helps farm workers and their families. They do amazing work like providing food banks, emergency shelters, and healthcare services to those in need. The ministry also offers education and job training programs to help farm workers develop new skills and improve their lives. They even advocate for social justice and immigration reform. Supporting this ministry is essential in creating a better and fairer society. If you'd like to help, please consider donating or volunteering your time. Every little bit helps!
A list of items that are needed for immediate donation are listed below. 
Gloves for working in the fields.
Antifungal Cream:
Thera Care Hydrocortisone Cream
These three items make their hard job more tolerable.
We had our first group of H2A workers stop by EFWM this past Friday. Taking some time to relax playing soccer and getting supplies.
On behalf of our workers, thank you. 
Peace and good health!

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