Ever Reef Roeben


Meet the newest member of our parish! Ever Reef Roeben was born August 22, 2021 at Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital in Wilmington NC.

His favorite activities include drinking milk as often as he can, sleeping when he isn’t hungry, and being held all the time. He also enjoys all the loving attention he gets from his enthusiastic big sister Zaide, which there is no lack of. As soon as she gets home from a long day in kindergarten the very first thing she wants to do is see her “little brother”. As soon as she comes home from the store she has to check on her “litter brother”. As soon as she comes inside from playing she has to hold her “little brother”. He receives so much love from her and she is so helpful in taking care of him.

Ever is by no means a wallflower. Wherever he goes, be it the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or yard, he relishes being the center of attention. He does not have an ounce of shyness in his body and is quick to tell you his opinion on any subject. Be it temperature, climate, lighting, comfort, with a quick “Errr” he will let you know how he feels.

As with any baby, sometimes life can be stressful. From being too tired to face the day to being a little uncomfortable with all the newness around him, the strain of newborn life can be difficult to bear. But in those challenging times his greatest comfort is his mom. With just one word her loving voice can sooth any trying situation. Kaylee can ease any tough circumstance and he finds his solace in her attentive voice and love.  

Comfort is extremely important to him. He hates being cold and despises having a dirty diaper and with his trademark “Errr” he lets us know really quick when he is uncomfortable. He relishes the feeling of warm fresh clothes and blankets. He loves new fresh diapers after warm baths. He doesn’t know this yet but we have to thank you for a whole lot of that. From diapers, clothes, carriers, and so much more, you all gave so much things that we use daily. We cannot thank you enough. We still have a gigantic mountain of diapers in our kitchen! Some nights he may spit up a few times but we always have another clean onesie to put him in. Thank you so much.

We are really excited and cannot wait for everyone to meet him. We cannot be happier being a part of this parish and I know he will feel the same.

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