Q. How much do the stoves cost?

A. Each stove costs $300, which includes the material for the stove, the concrete base, and whitewash for the walls.


Q. How do I donate money?

A. Please make checks out to OAK RIDGE UMC, and on the memo line, write Guatemala stove project. Roni Hursthouse will collect the checks and forward them to the team leader.


Q. As well as money, is there anything else I can donate?

A. Yes! We will take with us:

  • Large suitcases (preferably not heavy ones) which we will fill with donations and leave in Guatemala 
  • Eyeglasses (new readers from the Dollar store are great)
  • New underwear, any size
  • Clothing, new or gently worn, children’s, ladies and men’s. Men’s should be smaller sizes, long sleeve shirts and pants are especially useful for working in the fields.
  • Thin towels
  • T shirts, any size
  • Soccer balls

Q. How do I find out more about the project?

A. Please search:  empowerguatemala.org or ask Frances Warner, Pete Lake, or Roni Hursthouse.

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