Father Jerry...Ministering to Others with Joy!

I don't know about you, but whenever I think about Father Jerry, I see his big smile and hear his infectious laugh which punctuates his homilies.  It's not an accident that Jerry married Joy - he exudes joy in every conversation with everyone he meets, and Joy does as well!  What a wonderful gift that they found each other 43 years ago, and that they have ministered to all of us at Holy Cross for over 5 years.

            Jerry has cared for us in so many ways:  He has preached and enlightened us; visited us when we were sick or downhearted; conducted weddings, funerals, and baptisms; advised the vestry; and come to enjoy fellowship at barbeques and potlucks.  And through it all, Joy has supported Jerry in all of his long drives to Holy Cross from Leland. 

            A few months ago, Jerry shared his spiritual journey in his Holy Crossings message.  His path has been an exciting, winding road:  from Roman Catholic priest to marriage to raising a family with four children to Episcopal priest in 3 different churches, and finally, to supply priest at Holy Cross.  And even as we prepare to welcome our first full-time priest, we trust that Jerry and Joy will continue to call Holy Cross their parish family.

            The vestry would like to invite you to celebrate Jerry and Joy's ministry at Holy Cross on Pentecost Sunday - June 4.  We'll have a picnic on the deck (weather permitting!) after the 10:15 service.  Please just bring a dish to share with others.  If you have soccer balls and bubble blow and outdoor games to share, bring them on! 



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