Get To Know Our Vestry (Kimberly Mclrney)

I am from Massachusetts, Grew up in Marshfield. I went to College at University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Came back after a 3-year stay in California to live 17 years in Needham Massachusetts. May 2008 I bought my mom & dads house in Wilmington NC, moved
Been in Wilmington NC for 13 years. And at Holy Cross-for 12 years I have worked Administrative in Health Care since moving to NC I enjoy walks on beach; Contemplative prayer; breakfast dates on Saturday with friend; riding on Harley with my husband; going to work at Trinity Grove (my 2nd family) exploring and wondering with books and Co-Mentoring EfM.
I found Holy Cross at Myrtle Grove Middle school I love the people, location and outdoor property of Holy Cross. Involved currently as Clerk and Property Team for HC Vestry; lay reader and healing prayer ministry; co-mentor EfM.
If I Could tell a Newcomers Holy Cross One thing about our church it would be that, it is a place of love! Newcomers you are welcome here. Come get involved, your NC Community needs you
-Kimberly McIrney

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