Get To Know Our Vestry (Krista Anderson)

I am originally from Minnesota. I have also lived in Connecticut, White Plains NY and Tulsa Oklahoma. I came to live in Wilmington about 10 years ago. I was asked by my friends (Mark & Sue Cosentino) if I would like to move to Wilmington with them. Guess what I said? We were looking for an Episcopal Church, and found Holy Cross in the yellow pages! As I crossed over the entrance, I immediately just knew I would be coming back.
When I was able to work, I worked with children who were severely disabled. In MN, I worked as a Paraprofessional & was in charge of heading up a respite care program for infants though preschool. I also graduated as a full time Missionary while attending Victory World Missions Training Center in Tulsa Oklahoma.
I enjoy reading, crafting, nature walks, and missionary opportunities. I love Holy Cross where new comers are welcome, the variety of outreach programs, and, becoming a part of the “family community". I am in Daughters of The King, take part as a lay reader, vestry, and alter guild. For new comers, I would encourage them to return to Holy Cross if they are looking for a church to be part of a loving community, and spiritual growth.
Krista Anderson

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