Godly Music

You can please some of the people, some of the time . . .
OK, I admit it, I am a pleaser. I work hard to make sure the people who I love have what makes them happy. I keep finding out that is a nearly – no, it is an impossible thing to do. While I can love you, I cannot make you happy. Each person has to do that for themself.
Somehow, I was assigned the role of head of the HolyCross Worship Committee. Part of our task is to work with the music director, to select the music for eachSunday. That sounds simple enough – right? Wrong.
Since Jamey Graves left for Charlotte, it seems we cannot find our groove with the music. With Chris, we worked very hard to put together a songbook that represented all the styles of music we heard the congregation desired. Some wanted the old traditional songs from the 1982 Hymnal, others wanted “Cursillo” style music, others contemporary (for most of us that means 30-year old music), and various blue grass, gospel etc.
When we would play one of those, someone in the congregation wouldn’t like it.  They would ask, “Why are we playing the old hymns?” or, “Why don’t we ever sing any of the traditional hymns?” or, “Bluegrass, really?”
Other times we hear comments like, “the music is too slow,” or “the music lines are not there,” or “where did the upbeat music go that we used to play?” 
I hope you see our dilemma. Amanda is very willing to play whatever we would like. Helping her understand what we want is a challenge. As a result, the Worship Committee is putting together a Survey Monkey survey. When you receive the link to the survey via email, please take time to fill it out and send in your comments. We want your input - the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you have any constructive comments please talk to one of us on the Worship Committee. The members are: Father Jerry, Father Ed, Pat Harrill, Chuck Dierling, Kimberly McIrney,  Amanda Hunter, Snowy Albright, Bob Underwood,  Jonathan Graves, and me.
A Prayer for Godly Music
Dear God, Scripture directs us not to get drunk on wine, but to be filled instead with the Spirit, speaking to ourselves in songs, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in our hearts toward You. You use these songs to teach us about your truths, remind us of your promises, comfort us in our grief, and refresh us in our spirit. No voice that is weak, hoarse, off-tempo, or out of pitch is rejected by you when we offer what we have with glad and sincere hearts. Help us not to be intimidated by those who have musical gifts, for our “joyful noise” can be a glorious symphony of praise when blended with thankful hearts to you through our musical worship. Amen

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