Happening Emerge

During the Covid-19 our Youth Director's responsibilities have shifted to help us support our online services.  Recently he found an opportunity to assist the Diocese with bringing the Happening community together virtually.  Happening is an experience for 6th-12th graders typically held twice a year at Trinity Center that shows them how to "Follow the Way" of Christ.  This is the first time in many, many years that both the fall and spring Happening experiences have been canceled.

Over the past few months, a dream has “emerged” to bring as many “happeners” together as possible. Thanks to the equipment available at Holy Cross, this will be a virtual experience on Saturday, October 24th, from 9:30 am-12:30pm!  As Tom Warner, our Happening Spiritual Director, says before his online service, “It is good and joyful and right that we should be together in this way.” It is our hope that this virtual experience will be filled with sharing, laughter, music, worship, and ideas. It’s a chance for all “happeners” to come together via Zoom from wherever they are and from whatever stage of life they are in.  

It is not often that we have the opportunity to take a deep breath and to reflect on our past, live into the present moment, and look to our future. Covid - 19 has caused us to postpone Happening #76 to the Spring of 2021 (We hope!). So, in this “time between,” we can visualize how Happening will EMERGE in a way that continues to encourage our Happening Team and our Happening candidates to grow closer in their walk with Christ and to “FOLLOW THE WAY”!  

If you were a past "Happener", remember back to the time that you first attended Happening. You were invited and encouraged to come and to take a chance on the Happening Experience. Through the process of the Happening Experience, you were encouraged to “Follow the Way.” You came as a “caterpillar,” and through the weekend, you became a butterfly. You returned to your home surrounded by the love of Christ and by the support of your new Happening community. It is our hope that many of the past happening participants will join us to be a part of the kaleidoscope of butterflies that will help shape the future of Happening. (Did you know that a “bunch” of butterflies is called a “kaleidoscope”? It was a SURPRISE to me!)


If you have attended Happening in the past please sign up below!

Here are the registration links:

or by emailing cookie@stjamesp.org for more information.  


Also, if you have stories, videos, photos, or memories of happening, please share them by October 19th with Jonathan Graves at jonathan@hcew.org! It will be so much fun to see the various Happenings that have occurred with the Diocese of East Carolina (and in other dioceses)!!!!  

Peace be with you, friend.

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