June Vestry Minutes

Holy Cross Episcopal Church

Vestry Meeting Minutes

June 23, 2021



Members Present: Krista Anderson, John Bennett, Michael Cobb, Carl Danielson, Trevor Hursthouse, Dan Morton, Lee Stroud, John Weisz

Members Absent: Adam Alphin

Guest: Ellen Wells, Holy Cross Financial Manager


The meeting was called to order by Carl Danielson, Senior Warden, at 6:33. Lee Stroud opened the meeting with prayer.

Carl Danielson made a motion that Lee Stroud serve as the Clerk of the Vestry. John Bennett seconded the motion. With no further discussion, the motion was approved.

Clerk's Report: The minutes were sent to vestry members prior to the meeting for their review. One error was reported and corrected. A motion was made by John Bennett that the minutes be approved, with Krista Anderson seconding the motion. There being no further discussion, the minutes for the May 20, 2()21 vestry meeting were approved.

Finance and Audit Report: Trevor Hursthouse provided vestry members with a written Treasurer's Report to Vestry. Financial reports were also sent to vestry members for review prior to the meeting. Trevor highlighted several items from his report:

 The 2020 Financial Audit of Holy Cross Episcopal Church was conducted on June 9, 2021 by Bob Muller. The audit went well and there were no negative findings. It was recommended that a video of physical items listed on the church inventory be make. Vestry teams should review the inventory and update the listings. The letter from Mr.

Muller regarding the Annual Audit was read to the vestry. A motion was made by Michael Cobb to accept the audit report from June 9, 2021. John Bennett seconded the motion. Discussion: The video inventory will be completed by September 1, 2021. There was no further discussion and the Annual Audit for Holy Cross Episcopal Church was accepted by the vestry.

 Trevor explained to the vestry that the Finance Committee would like to refinance our loan for 10 years while the rates are low. They are currently working with First Bank to see if this is possible.

 A motion was made by John Bennett to approve the financial report. Michael Cobb seconded the motion. There being no further discussion, the vestry approved the motion.

Vestry Person of the Day: Carl provided vestry members with a schedule for Vestry Person of the Day (VPOD) through August 22, 2021. Vestry members were reminded to review the duties of the VPOD as shown in the Vestry Handbook. Carl also requested that the 10:15 VPOD arrive by 9:00 to help the 815 VPOD.

Sunday Bulletins: The service bulletin we are currently using is 8 pages tong. There was a discussion on possibly going with a 1-2 page bulletin with references to page numbers in the Book of Common Prayer and the Song Book. Ellen checked with the copier company and going with the smaller bulletin will not impact our cost. The company recommended we keep the contract we have and if we find we are going over the allotted copies they will work with us on a new contract. The vestry agreed that for now we should continue with the 8 page service bulletin.

Deck Repair: John Weisz reported that the work on the deck is almost complete. He would like to write a brief statement of appreciation acknowledging those who have worked on the deck. He will also include pictures so everyone can see the work that has taken place. A motion was made by Carl that the Property/Building Team may expense up to a total of $7,000 to Maintenance to complete the critical renovation of the rear deck at the rear of the church building and provide the Vestry Property Team with an updated accounting of expense incurred. The motion was seconded by Dan Morton. There being no further discussion, the vestry voted to approve this motion.

Cleaning Crew: John Weisz reported that Molly Maids will no longer be able to serve us. Atlantic Waves Cleaning cleaned the building for our reopening at Pentecost and did an excellent job. John is working with them on a contract and would like vestry approval to move forward with this cleaning service. Michael Cobb made a motion that we approve Atlantic Waves Cleaning as the cleaning service for Holy Cross. John Bennett seconded the motion. There being no further discussion, the vestry voted to approve this motion.

4th of July Picnic: Holy Cross will host a 4th of July picnic on Saturday, July 3 from 6:00 pm until

8:00 pm. Jim Scott and his cooking crew will provide hamburgers and hotdogs. Jonathan, Kaylee and Chuck Dierling will promote the event. It was agreed that we did not need entertainment, but Ethan Roeben will provide recorded music. Parishioners will be invited to bring a covered dish to go with the meal. There will not be a buffet line, servers wearing masks and gloves will serve the food. Tables will be set up inside and outside. In an effort to continue to provide a Covid safe environment, prepackaged condiments and utensils will be provided. There will be no charge for the meal, but donations will be accepted. The vestry supports this event.

New Committee: A Marketing Committee Chaired by Heather Wilson is being established. Chuck Harrill and Ellen Wells have agreed to serve on this committee.

Vestry Facilitators: As we slowly return to in person activities, vestry teams are encouraged to reach out to groups and individuals your team works with. We need to make sure people are still interested in continuing in their pre-Covid roles.

Vestry Retreat: Trevor will contact Jay Sidebotham to see if he could facilitate our retreat or recommend someone who could. Our purpose of this retreat is to "rethink our goals" and where Holy Cross goes from here.

The vestry went into Executive Session at approximately 7:30.



Respectfully submitted,

Lee Quinn Stroud, Vestry Clerk

Approved 7/21/21

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