Kathy Wellivers Speaks About Giving

Staying Home, Saving Lives, Giving Generously

If you are like I am, staying home and “doing nothing” is hard. But it feels like we are in the home stretch. We can doing something while doing nothing. I have been keeping up with Holy Cross via the website and keeping up with Vestry meetings, and band meetings using Zoom. Staying connected in that way helps.

But of course, I want to do more. So this morning, I submitted my pledge for the week. I did it online, using Realm, our secure online giving site. When I did it, I made a short video to show you how you can do it as well.

I gave what I could. And so can you. It helps me stay connected. It helps me be a part of our church community even when we are apart. Together we can get through this. We can keep things going. We can keep going. So while we stay at home, we are saving lives. We are looking out for the vulnerable by being apart. But we are being a part of our community by continuing our generous giving.

So, stay home, save lives, give generously

Blessings Be,
Kathy Welliver
Vestry Member, Band Member, Bass Player

Note: Follow the URL below to view the video Kathy refers to. Although it shows a one time donation, recurring donations can be made in the same manner. Contact our Financial Manager, Ellen Wells, 910 619-4581 with questions.


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