Love Your Neighbor

Once in a while, the perfect situation comes up. Some call it organic. Some call it divine - a God-wink. Some say it’s synergy. And, some say it’s just what we’re called to do. That has been the case with ideas from Renewal Works to the development of St. Francis Way to Holy Cross Outreach. When we started developing this awesome wooded area on our beautiful church campus, we wanted to share it. So we asked, “who’s our neighbor,” and moved to “adopt” Mary C. Williams (MCW). We wanted the relationship to be reciprocal – invited the teachers and students to use our property, to romp and play, and learn more about nature while members of Holy Cross would go to MCW and volunteer with garden clubs, recycling clubs, in the library, the cafeteria, and the classrooms. Admittedly, Covid stalled our grandiose plans, but several of us persevered. The schools are back in session. Volunteers are invited back in. You have many opportunities! MCW needs volunteers to help in several ways. Please speak to Rene Gouverneur or Trevor Hursthouse about these opportunities on campus. If going to the school isn’t what you’re comfortable with, we have another option. MCW has a wish list. They need pocket folders, pencils, pencil boxes, and snacks. On November 1, there will be a basket in the entrance to church for you to place your wish list items – or call Andy Atkinson and he will pick them up from you. We’ll collect these items during the month of November - giving thanks and helping others. For your continued support, we are grateful.

Ada Atkinson

St. Francis Way Committee 

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