Martha Scholl

Martha Scholl started attending Holy Cross regularly in May 2013. The Wednesday evening service and Father Jerry’s message of love attracted Martha, and the welcoming, casual nature of Holy Cross made it easy for her to keep attending services. Martha is a cradle Episcopalian and had been used to the more formal Episcopal tradition so the contemporary nature of Holy Cross was different to her. However, Martha said, "She has never attended a church with such a loving, caring spirit as Holy Cross." She also felt God's love through Holy Cross's support when she attended Cursillo in Fall 2013.

Martha serves frequently as a crucifer/acolyte at the Sunday 10:15 am service and said she feels a strong connection to each person as they come forward for communion.  Martha also participated in support of our refugee family in early 2016 and on a Habitat project. She is also part of an appetizer group.

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